Massage is amazing.

Massage School in Mcallen

Learning massage and becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist at Massage Masters, a massage school in McAllen and Pharr area, is an amazing opportunity to help others heal and assist in providing restoration to the mind, body and soul.

Take for instance the famous case of Wilma Rudolph, whom had polio as an infant and was unable to walk properly until she was 11. For several years, her family had to massage her legs four times a day, and she had to wear a metal brace. In 1960, she became the first American woman to win three gold medals in an Olympic event.

Wilma Rudolph, at a young age contracted a few diseases as a child, including infantile paralysis caused by polio. She recovered but lost strength in one of her legs and was physically disabled for much of her early life.

From age 5 thru 12 she wore a brace on her left leg while attending therapy at Meharry Medical College. Along with the weekly therapy sessions, she received Massage at least 4 times a day by her family for a number of years.

After slowly learning how to walk again, she was very prominent in sports and with the proper training and coaching, eventually won 3 gold medals.

She is a testament to the willpower of strength in the human mind, body as well as how helpful massage was in assisting in her recovery.

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